Loved It: Shopping Vintage on East Burnside

Shopping vintage is one of my favorite things. There's nothing like finding a one-of-kind piece with a throwback to times past. Portland is a gold mine of vintage shops. I will take you on a tour of my favorites. Today is part 1 of a 4 part series. So put on your bloomers and matinee gloves, cause we're going shopping!

First up on our tour is Mad Summer. This place is on the corner of 28th and Burnside and used to be called Lucky Vintage. Although not as many square feet as the old store Lucky, still packed with great stuff, and a tad bit less expensive. Good selection of Men's clothing too. 

Now we move a little lower on Burnside and come to Bombshell Vintage. This place is real cute. The owner has several shops in Portland. I almost always find something I can't resist at this shop. Lots of accessories to choose from as well. Located at 811 E. Burnside, across from the Doug Fir. ...P.S.  if you do end up going here don't leave the area without checking out Redux just a few shops down. Like Nike says, just do it. 

On the same side of the street, about a block down sits Hattie's Vintage. This place is tiny but I think they somehow pack the same amount of inventory as the other shops into their space.  This was the only location where I was kindly greeted and asked a couple of times if I needed help. (of course I do need help but I think she was unable to give me the kind I need)  Thumbs up for customer service! You really have to dig here, but it's worth it! This place is full of great finds! Not to mention, if you need (or just want) a vintage hat you must come here. They have the best selection.  Located at 729 E. Burnside. 

Last up on our little shopping spree is Rock and Rose Vintage. This place is half vintage half new. They carry a line of dresses that are reconstructed vintage dresses. I know that sounds weird, but these dresses are seriously cute. They use vintage fabric from old frocks and make cute new ones in 50's-ish inspired patterns. Of course, they do also carry plain old vintage dresses that have never been tampered with. You choose which you like best and let me know.  Located at 616 E. Burnside. Side note: also great selection of men's clothing in case you were wondering.

this is one of the dresses I was trying to describe. see? cute!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! Happy shopping!

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  1. I love Rock N Rose! I found one of my favorite dresses here