Loved It! Three Years Ago...

Three years ago today I married my best friend.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Happy anniversary Jon. 


Loved It: Guerlain Lip Stain

Yesterday at work I asked a co-worker, "what are you wearing on your lips?".  She took me over to the Guerlain counter to show me their new lip stains.  So I followed her lead and put on the stain- in their brightest pink shade- I believe it's called Gourmandise.  Soon others were asking me, "what are you wearing on your lips?".   And the best part was the lip stain withstood a lunch break and a coffee break. 8 hours later my lips were still a beautiful pink hue. (yet not dry or flaky or cracking)  I'm almost tempted to break down and spend the outrageous $48 on a lipstick. ...What about you? Would you spend almost fifty dollars on a lip color? Do you have any long wear lip colors you love?