Loved It: Olivia Palermo Style (and life) Lessons

The City was boring, boring, boring.  Oh how I miss it!  Those girls didn't have to talk, (sometimes I would've preferred it that way) they could have just walked around in their cute little outfits and I still would have been glued to the screen!  Olivia Palermo may have been the antagonist on the show, but she was my favorite.  This girl can put an outfit together like no one else.   Here are a few Oliva lessons. 

Lesson 1: Simple is best.  Sometimes all you need is a stand-out dress, light makeup, hair pulled back and you look like a million bucks! 

Lesson 2:  Make sure your hair, makeup and nails are done, but for heaven's sake, don't look like you tried too hard! 

Lesson 3:  Don't be afraid of color. 

Lesson 4:  Although color is fun, know that you can always fall back on neutrals.

Lesson 5: Mix and match prints and textures. Leopard and floral.  Tweed and Silk. 

Lesson 6:   Bows are lady like. Also, like Ms. Palermo, heed the advice of Edith Head, "Your dresses should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady." 

Lesson 7:  Accessories make an outfit.  And sometimes your best accessory is the man on your arm. 

Lesson 8:  Dressing like Audrey Hepburn is never wrong.  Also, should you find yourself in Paris, dressed like Audrey, with your best accessory, make sure you dance in a park. 

Lesson 9:  Last but not least, remember that even the most fashionable among us make mistakes.  No one is perfect.  


Loved It: Flawless Face Tutorial

I had the privilege at work to do another tutorial for the Washington Square Cosmetic's Department.  Check it out and let me know what you think! I'll tell you what I think:  I've got to add a little more body to my hair! Hello flat hair! Other than that I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  I hope you like it too. 


Loved It: Laura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara

Laura Mercier.  A brand near and dear to my heart.  The foundations: LOVE!  The eyeliners: LOVE!  The lipglosses: LOVE!  The mascaras: I guess they're alright.  .....until now.  Launching this month is the new Faux Lash Mascara.  Let me tell you- it's nothing short of amazing!  Truth be told I have been a Diorshow girl for the last few years.  Not anymore! If you want volume and length and lots of it, this is the mascara for you.  Smudge proof and water resistant.  (really- I can vouch for it.)  At last- I can be a Laura Mercier girl down to my last lash.  


Loved It: My New Clutch

Summer was thrust upon the Northwest unexpectantly a couple of weeks ago.  "But it's May", you say, "Shouldn't you be ready for summer by now?".   I reply with laughter.   Portland likes to keep things weird.  Even the weather.  So you can imagine my frustration when I realize my (very much loved) royal purple suede bucket bag just won't do for summer.  
Frustration quickly turned into excitement as I realized a shopping excursion was needed.  (the word "needed" is definitely appropriate in this situation, and is in fact necessary to make my case to Husband.)  I knew I wanted something small (my back needs a break) fun (hello! It's me.) and bright (it is spring after all), and preferably pink (neon).  I found the perfect clutch.  Perfect.

Only one problem.  Way out of my price range.  Let's say my price range is Oregon.  Well this bag was a distant star in a faraway galaxy.  Whatever am I to do?  H&M to the rescue! 
Love at first sight.

Ready for summer at last.  


Loved It: The Lace Trend

I'm just loving this lace trend!  Of course, I've always loved lace!  At the age of 3 I was begging for the socks with lace trim.  I was married in a full lace gown.  So I guess it's not too surprising that the lace trend is right up my alley.  Loved it!