Loved It: A Going Away Party, Kentucky Derby Style

First off let me say, I apologize for my absence.  Hopefully we can pick up like no time has passed.  

Last weekend was a whole lot of fun (and a little sad)!  Friends and I said so-long to a dear friend.  She is leaving us for greener pastures. (by greener pastures I mean beaches and sunshine- she's moving to Hawaii- so I don't feel too sad for her) We had to send her off with a proper goodbye, Kentucky Derby style. 

The goodbye girl:

What?! A real live pony?! Yes, that's right. 

Husband looking dapper, me looking real excited to pose with a pony:

Hats, Hats, Hats!

The hostess with the mostess:
It's all in the details:

Thank you to Jenny and Laura. (and anyone else involved in the planning.) I wish Erin the best on her new chapter. I do declare! We will miss you.