Loved It! Peter Pan Collars

Peter Pan

Peter-pan collars may be one of my favorites! They're just so lady like.  I think this outfit would be the perfect outfit for a job interview.  Professional yet interesting.  And all the pieces are very affordable (except maybe that Ted Baker clutch- but I couldn't resist. I love me some Ted Baker!)  What do you think? Where would you wear this outfit? 

Long sleeve shirt
$85 - missiny.com

H M cotton skirt
£2.99 - hm.com

Forever 21 high heels
$20 - forever21.com

Ted Baker patent leather clutch
£69 - johnlewis.com

Wet Seal agate jewelry
$5.50 - wetseal.com

Nordstrom jewelry
$18 - nordstrom.com


Loved It: Bedroom Makeover

My girlfriend Felicia wanted to give her mother an anniversary present she would truly love.  Her mother's bedroom was a bit dated and lacked any real style.  Felicia (being gifted in the artist/visionary category of life- this is what makes her such a talented hair stylist- but more on that later...) went to work on her mother's bedroom.  It's truly amazing what new paint can do to transform a room.  Add to that a new headboard, curtains, pillows and artwork and you've got yourself a metamorphosis a butterfly would be jealous of.  But what I love most about this makeover is that Felicia shows us how to do all the work ourselves and achieve a really great look for around $300! 

First, Felicia printed out in sections of a picture she took in Paris of the Eiffel Tower.  Then she pieced it together on a canvas and made her own frame.

Then off to Home Depot where she bought a lightweight board for the headboard.  Her husband cut the board for her into the shape she wanted.  She found a tablecloth at Goodwill for 6.99 and used that as the fabric for the headboard.  For more info on how to make your own headboard go here

Next she painted the walls and hung new curtains.  Also, she made a few pillows out of left over curtain material.  

Thank you Felicia! I mentioned earlier that among Felicia's many talents is her hair styling.  If you're looking for someone new and live in the Portland area go see her at Bella Lena Salon in Lake Oswego.   


Loved It: Portland Flea Market

I often fantasize about what I would do with my Saturdays if I didn't have to work.  Visiting flea and farmers markets frequent my fantasies.  So I'm telling you- if you don't have to work tomorrow and you live in Portland Oregon- visit the Portland Flea Market!  It's where I would be if I could. sniff. sniff. 


Loved It: Bruschetta

 Husband and I enjoy a restaurant here in P-town called Fratelli..  It's an Italian restaurant that uses local and fresh ingredients. (if you live in Portland, do yourself a favor and go there for dinner!)  Last time we were there we ordered their seasonal bruschetta. It. Was. Amazing.  So here I am trying to recreate it.  Not quite a total win- still prefer their's to mine.  But not a total loss- these are pretty darn good! (if I may say so myself)

Savory Bruschetta:

- French Rustic Baguette (cut on the diagonal) 
- Herb de Provence Chèvre 
- Smoked Salmon lox
- Lemon zest (just a touch)
- Basil (cut or torn into small pieces) 
- Olive Oil; Lemon infused Olive Oil
First, brush both sides of the cut baguette with regular olive oil and grill until lightly toasted on both sides. Now, just assemble. Chèvre, salmon, lemon zest and basil.  Finish with a light drizzle of the lemon infused olive oil.  

Sweet (and a little savory) Bruschetta:

- French Rustic Baguette (cut on the diagonal) 
- Plain chèvre 
- Strawberries (cut into halves, or quarters)
- Sugar (about a teaspoon)
- Basil (cut or torn into small pieces) 
- Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar 

First cut the strawberries and sprinkle with the sugar.  Stir and let sit for about a half an hour.  This allows the juices to release from the strawberries. (yummmm!)  Next, brush both sides of the baguette with olive oil and  grill till toasted.  Now, assemble.  Chèvre, Strawberries, basil and a light drizzle of olive oil and vinegar. 

*Side note: obviously the higher quality your olive oil and vinegar, the better it will taste. just thought i'd point that out. 


Loved It: Eyebrows!

Well groomed and nicely shaped eyebrows can be the difference between looking good and, well, not looking good.  I see too many women at work with over-plucked, or incorrectly-plucked brows.  (Now, if you're reading this and you've got full, un-plucked eyebrows consider yourself blessed!  Make your way to a reputable esthetician and have her shape your brows for you.  This lesson is not for you.) Many women are scared of using an eyebrow pencil.  They don't want to look like their grandmothers with one big dark line masquerading as an eyebrow.  Well not to worry- you wont look like that!  
First, select a brow pencil that can be sharpened with an actual sharpener.  (not a roll-up is what I'm getting at) Select a shade that is close to your hair color. (if you have different shades in your hair and you're blond, try to match the darkest color.  If you have different shades and you're brunette try to match the lightest color in your hair.)
Now, sharpen that pencil till it's a weapon.  Measure 3 points on your brow as I have demonstrated below.  Using soft, short strokes lightly fill in between those 3 points.  From point A to point B it should be like a straight line that gradually inclines.  (not rounded- that's how you get a McDonald's arch.)  From point B to point C you should gradually taper the line to a point.  Hopefully my pictures below will help.  Happy Brow-Grooming!


Loved It: Domino Magazine

Domino Magazine is BACK! ...for a limited time.  Probably you already knew that, but if by some small chance I'm not the last to find out, I thought it was my duty to share the news with you.  Here's to hoping it was a trial run to see if the powers that be want to re-launch it permanently! 


Loved It: Hey Sailor!

Skirt: Express; Jacket, blouse, belt and sunnies: Forever 21; Shoes: Betsey Johnson


Loved It: The Best Kept Secret for Great Legs

My girlfriend Laura is, to sum up, awesome.  Really.  Every time I am with her I'm inspired to shop thriftier, but dress cuter.  To decorate my home with only DIY projects and goodwill finds, and still achieve that pottery barn/west elm/anthropology ambiance.   To eat healthier, and yet, somehow  yummier.  She's that girl that knows all the tricks.  So when she showed me how to make my legs look amazing (no squats or self tanners necessary) I was, as usual, blown away.
The product that will change your life (ok, maybe that's exaggerating a little) is Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.  It's makeup for your legs.  This stuff is easy to apply and doesn't streak or rub off.  It's waterproof (yes I've worn it to the pool) and yet easy to wash off.  Basically it's a summer lifesaver.

You can find Airbrush Legs at most drugstores and it runs for about $15.  Thank you Laura.