Loved It: DIY Headboard

One of the best wedding gifts husband and I received was a sweet handmade, tuffed headboard! (I use the word sweet in a cool sense, not a sugary one)  But alas!  For our 1 yr anniversary my parents bought us new (bigger! yay!) mattresses.  The old headboard didn't fit with the new mattress.  We got a new frame to hold the mattress. (yay! not on the floor!)  Although comfortable, it was a sad sight.  (did I mention we are not allowed to paint in our apartment?)  Lets just say I've been in doctor's offices that have more decor.  Well not anymore!     Last week I took matters into my own hands!  I made my own (faux) headboard!  And let me tell you, it was easy!  I didn't make it fancy like my old one- tuffed? I wish!  But I was still happy with the results.  Here is a little tutorial should you want to add a little pizzazz to your room.  

       Materials Needed:
  • 1 lightweight sheet of plywood (I got mine at home depot for $8)
  • 1 section of foam padding, cut to fit your plywood (this is the most expensive part. It cost me about $25 at fabric depot.)
  • enough fabric to completly cover your plywood by a few inches around the edges (my fabric is from Ikea for $7/yard)
  • All purpose glue (a glue made for foam and wood)
  • Staple gun
  • Nails
  • Wire
  • Sissors
Squeeze a layer of glue onto the plywood board, following the shape of the board, about an inch or two from the edges and a little in the middle of the board.  Place the foam on top of the board and let it dry for at least an hour.  Cover the board with the fabric (you may need to cut the fabric down to size) and pull the edge of the fabric around the backside of the board and staple with the staple gun.  Pull the fabric tight as you go, making sure there aren't any creases on the front of the board.  Once you are done stapling the fabric into the back of the board you're ready to put the wire on the back!  Simply measure down evenly on both sides of the board where your nails will go.  Nail in the nails, but leave a little sticking out.  Cut your wire to about 8 to 10 inches longer than the board and wrap the ends of the wire around each nail. (you can even staple down the wire near the nails to ensure safety)  Now you're ready to hang your new headboard on the wall above your bed!!!

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  1. stunner!!!!! way cooler than your old one! ;)
    so simple and cool you can change your headboard to match your design whimsy anytime!
    bravo heather!