Loved It: Pixie Hair Cuts

The shortest I ever cut my hair was this:

I've spent the last 4 years growing out my hair. So why is it now that I have the length I've been aiming for, I have the urge to cut it all off?  Don't worry (I know you were really worried. actually, if you are my mother reading this, you are very worried) I wont. Husband complements my long hair daily. Sweet, yes. But also, I think he is taking preemptive measures to make sure I don't cut it all off. If I were to cut it all off I think I'd want it to look like one of these ladies...

What do you think? Would you ever go this short?


  1. I never have but I'm getting it cut shorter and shorter these days so who knows... I love short hair!

  2. I LOVE short hair but....your hair is gorgeous right now so DON'T cut it....