Loved It: Refinery29

I'm technologically challenged. And to prove it to you I have quite the funny story. (actually it's not that funny. it's more like moderately chuckle-worthy) Anyhoolio- I entered a little contest at Refinery29 to be the "next big style blogger!". I am running against some pretty stylish ladies who've been blogging for much longer than me (i.e; I have no actual chance of winning) but I just thought it would be a good way for me to get my name out there! Well when I signed up I accidentally put my email address as my name, so it says I'm Heatherloveslaura. Which, if any of you know me, know that refers to my love of Laura Mercier (the makeup, not the actual woman) and is used as my work contact. EVERYBODY else that is a contestant has their nice concise name written under their picture. Not me! I'm Heatherloveslaura. So if you should want to get on the website (by clicking on the link I provided above) and vote for me you now know what to type into the search engine!


  1. Ha! That's actually how I found your blog. You're just freaking charming. Voted for you too, dear.

  2. well that is sooo nice to hear! Thanks for the vote! And please don't be a stranger around these parts!

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