Loved It: Eyebrows!

Well groomed and nicely shaped eyebrows can be the difference between looking good and, well, not looking good.  I see too many women at work with over-plucked, or incorrectly-plucked brows.  (Now, if you're reading this and you've got full, un-plucked eyebrows consider yourself blessed!  Make your way to a reputable esthetician and have her shape your brows for you.  This lesson is not for you.) Many women are scared of using an eyebrow pencil.  They don't want to look like their grandmothers with one big dark line masquerading as an eyebrow.  Well not to worry- you wont look like that!  
First, select a brow pencil that can be sharpened with an actual sharpener.  (not a roll-up is what I'm getting at) Select a shade that is close to your hair color. (if you have different shades in your hair and you're blond, try to match the darkest color.  If you have different shades and you're brunette try to match the lightest color in your hair.)
Now, sharpen that pencil till it's a weapon.  Measure 3 points on your brow as I have demonstrated below.  Using soft, short strokes lightly fill in between those 3 points.  From point A to point B it should be like a straight line that gradually inclines.  (not rounded- that's how you get a McDonald's arch.)  From point B to point C you should gradually taper the line to a point.  Hopefully my pictures below will help.  Happy Brow-Grooming!


  1. Thank you for you' re make up tutorials Heather, they are perfectly done and a great help!

  2. Is it me....or did you change the font to you're blog? Is it lighter, or smaller? Or....is it my EYE'S :( I'm finding it hard to see, or read without enlarging the page.