Loved It: Bedroom Makeover

My girlfriend Felicia wanted to give her mother an anniversary present she would truly love.  Her mother's bedroom was a bit dated and lacked any real style.  Felicia (being gifted in the artist/visionary category of life- this is what makes her such a talented hair stylist- but more on that later...) went to work on her mother's bedroom.  It's truly amazing what new paint can do to transform a room.  Add to that a new headboard, curtains, pillows and artwork and you've got yourself a metamorphosis a butterfly would be jealous of.  But what I love most about this makeover is that Felicia shows us how to do all the work ourselves and achieve a really great look for around $300! 

First, Felicia printed out in sections of a picture she took in Paris of the Eiffel Tower.  Then she pieced it together on a canvas and made her own frame.

Then off to Home Depot where she bought a lightweight board for the headboard.  Her husband cut the board for her into the shape she wanted.  She found a tablecloth at Goodwill for 6.99 and used that as the fabric for the headboard.  For more info on how to make your own headboard go here

Next she painted the walls and hung new curtains.  Also, she made a few pillows out of left over curtain material.  

Thank you Felicia! I mentioned earlier that among Felicia's many talents is her hair styling.  If you're looking for someone new and live in the Portland area go see her at Bella Lena Salon in Lake Oswego.   


  1. I love the room makeover that Felicia did for her mom! IT looks amazing! I am definitely inspired to do a room makeover now :)

  2. Oh, WOOOOW!!! This really turned out amazing. Good job!! *o*

  3. Wow, what a difference, and for a great price too! You have a lovely blog! I'm now following via GFC and bloglovin'! I'd really appreciate it if you'd check my blog out, and if you like it follow too!