Loved It: Branch and Birdie

Been wanting some great smelling candles that look pretty in my apartment forever. Everyday at work I'm surrounded by pretty candles that smell amazing. Why don't I just buy myself a few of those, you ask? Well because I don't poop gold, that's why. Jo Malone makes a gorgeous candle for $65. (yes that's a normal sized candle, they make minis for $35 and a jumbo for $400. yes. we're still talking about candles.) Then there's everybody's favorite, Diptyque. (if you've never heard of it, you'd still probably recognize it) Now their candle is $60 and to be honest I don't really like the way any of their candles smell. Sure they're pretty, but $60? Really? Trish McEvoy makes the most amazing smelling candle. Wild Blueberry Vanilla. Trust me, I've never met someone who doesn't like the smell. And although it's cheaper than the aforementioned candles, it's still a spendy $50. WHY??? And then, of course there is my beloved line, Laura Mercier. Every holiday season she comes out with her roasted chestnut candle. It smells like WONDERFULNESS. Really, it does. Like cinnamon rolls and pumpkin pie and a roaring fire while it's snowing outside. And while I love to support my line, they don't pay me enough to spend $42 on a candle. Where is this tirade going you ask? Well I stumbled across the most delightful little store on Friday and thus came an end to my candle woes. Branch and Birdie is located on upper Stark street, in the Montavilla neighborhood. It is the cutest store! It's mostly a gift shop but it does carry some cute clothes too. (for mother and child) Looking for a great gift and don't want to spend an arm and a leg? Check this place out! Oh and did I mention they have the BEST selection of beautiful Voluspa (jumbo) candles under $30! (some even under $20)

Those earrings on the far right were crying out to me. I told them to be patient. My husband  would be back for them. Hint. Hint. 

click here for more info!


  1. I too am a branch and birdie fan, the whole stark street area is getting pretty fancy! Ahh the east side....not just for fast food joints and petty crime anymore

  2. I want to go there!! Sounds and looks lovely AND affordable...my kind of place!! Thanks for the info!