Loved It: Resort Wear 2012

I realized that it was right about this time last year I was getting ready for Miami. This cold weather we've been having in the pacific northwest really has me wishing I was on my way to somewhere warm. (sigh) Sadly, no such trips are planned this winter. (sigh) Designers have the right idea, though, with their Resort Wear 2012 collections. They know that not only does everyone deserve a sunny vacation in the dead of winter, but they deserve to do it in style. So if I were on my way back to South Beach (and had unlimited funds to buy anything I pleased) I would snatch up the Alice + Olivia Resort Wear 2012 Collection. It spells M I A M I to me. 

photos c/o Elle.com
p.s. someone get this model some self tanner asap!

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  1. Self tanner is exactly what I was thinking too! Yikes!