Loved It: Dream Closets

I'd take any one of these thank you very much...

...and thanks to Rebekah for a great post suggestion!
p.s. what do you think of the extra big pictures? 


  1. I love these! It makes me want to turn my office into a dressing room/closet! I wonder what the hubbs will say... Hmmm.

  2. awesomeness!
    great idea rebekah! :)

    ....uhhhhh, is one of the closet's jenna lyon's closet???? hmmmmm...looks like it!

    speaking of, i know a girl here who not only has one of the amazing no.2 pencil skirts....but has all the colors! how is that possible?yeah! more like the entire crayola color pencil set of amazing luxurious wool....drool-drool.

  3. No not Jenna Lyon's. I nearly posted a picture of her's but didn't. The last one belongs to Paris Hilton. So sad such a beautiful closet wasted on such slutty clothes!

  4. I do love a good closet! What is it about chandeliers that make every room look better?