Loved It: Bathrooms I Could Live In

I once house-sat for a woman who had a bathroom bigger than her master bedroom.  And her master bedroom was huge.  It might seem over the top, but actually I think she was on to something.  Her bathroom could have used a little updating but she was on the right track by devoting so much attention to it.  Personally, the bathroom is my favorite room. (insert toilet joke here)  If a bathroom is done right it's a place for getting clean and getting relaxed.  Here are a few of the bathrooms I dream about...

pictures c/o house beautiful, elle decor and design sponge

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  1. the second to the last bathroom picture is (i believe) from Portland based Designer Jessica Helgerson. Her interior design's are amazing! Been coveting this bathroom of her's and the wallpaper she used for a long time now! loved it! :)