Loved It: Cheese Bar!

Mmmmmm! Cheese!!! Isn't cheese wonderful!?!?! I think we can all agree on that! Well there is a little gem on upper Belmont that is the place to go for a cheese lover. The owner, Steve Jones, is an actual world class cheesemonger. Color me impressed! Not only do they serve up delicious cheese, cured meats, wine and sandwiches, but it's all served with a side of friendliness. Stand at the counter and ask about cheese, and you will be treated with little bites of whatever you want to try. I was truly in heaven. Cheese heaven. Mmmmm.

Here's a link to their website: http://cheese-bar.com/


  1. so being your sista city in brooklyn, i just discovered a cheese shop called, "STINK". its sooo awesome and reminds us of home! even better??? they carry stumptown! every little bit of pdx counts....

  2. :) that's awesome! we need to come out there for a visit!! and you can take us to stink! ...although that's what i call a week night with the husband after i've made chili.