Loved It! Glamping

Every summer my family heads to central Oregon for a camping trip near LaPine.  If you've never been to this area of the state, let me go ahead and recommend that you do!  It's beautiful and always hot.  Perfect for long days on the lake.  
While I cannot deny that camping has it's ups (swimming, boating, sun-tans, yummy food, good drinks, camp fires, card games, smores, bike rides, family and friends...) it also has it's downs (freezing nights, hard ground, hard work, bug bites, long treks in the middle of the night to the bathroom...).  All I ask is to combine the best of camping with the luxury of home.  While you may be thinking, that's a trailer, I say, it's called glamping! 

I would love to go camping here:

It's a place in Montana called Paws Up.  Doesn't it just look like heaven? A personal chef and butler, and your very own bathroom.  Sold.  (well not really. it's like a million dollars, but a girl can dream.) 

In the meantime I found this website and I'm a little obsessed.  It's everything you need to make your camping trip comfortable and stylish! Now if only I could get that bathroom situation figured out...

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  1. Going camping this week! Thanks for tips!!